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Video Installation, 2011

Video engineer: Viktor Ryukhin

Computer programming, assembly by Sergey Komarov, Alexey Grachev

By now, the expression «white noise» is quite customary and familiar to all of us. It has transformed from a purely scientific term to a rather popular notion. Elena Gubanova's father, an astronomer, even considers it to be, in fact, the divine essense of the universe.

A human being is a data filter and he or she are defined by the information that they discard.

Most people are oriented on a wide spectrum of perception.

One could filtrate exquisite, emotional or sensuous feelings for oneself. Or one could filtrate the flow of information up to the total clarity of the the mind and to the prerseption of the meaning of life untainted by any emotions or human problems. Each of us choses whatever is closest to us: the pure, intuitive, void, non-objective or the vital, joyful, illusory, warm.

Eveything exists simultaneously in the stream of white noise. All of us are offered a choice, and we ourselves consitute this arbitrary choice.

In this video installation, the image is interactively connected with the viewer’s movements. By entering the room, a person “startles” the peace and emptiness of the space by filling it with the movement. He brings reality and the reflection of reality “to life” and turns “nothing” into “something”. As the viewer moves, the space fills with fluorescent flying white images-birds – with the troubled movement of black and white that, ultimately, “pulverizes” into the “white noise”. The artists use video not as a finished artistic image, but rather as an artistic material. Most likely, the only important thing here is the light that, forcing its way through darkness, assumes the shape of soaring birds, fills the space with itself and disappears when the viewer leaves. The beholder is gone – light is gone – shadow is gone – the world is gone.

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