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Interactive Sculpture, 2021

3D printing, brazing; microcontroller, light-scattering plastic spheres, RGBW LEDs, Arduino, acid sensor, PVC pipes, Kombucha SCOBY

Engineers: Alexey Grachev, Andrew Strokov, Alexander Bochkov, Sergey Komarov; Arduino programming Andrew Strokov; 3D engineering design Alexander Bochkov

A light sculpture shaped like an ethanol molecule connected to a jar with SCOBY-producing Kombucha. LEDs match the colour of elements: Hydrogen, Carbon, and Oxygen. The brightness of the object changes depending on the fermentation process. Adjacent to the sculpture, there is a jar containing SCOBY Kombucha immersed in a sweet tea broth. The fermentation process of the SCOBY is monitored through the use of an acid sensor placed inside the jar. This sensor detects the pH level of the Kombucha culture, creating a dynamic feedback system. As the pH level fluctuates within the SCOBY Kombucha, the sensor triggers changes in the light patterns emitted by the LEDs within the sculpture. The shifting colours and patterns of light reflect the real-time biochemical activity of the Kombucha culture.

By placing SKOBY as the main actor, the artist emphasizes the agency and importance of non-human entities in shaping our understanding of nature and the environment. By shifting the focus from a purely human perspective to a more inclusive and holistic view, the installation prompts us to reevaluate our relationship with nature and foster a greater appreciation for the diverse forms of life and their significance in sustaining the planet. It challenges us to recognize that the well-being of the planet depends on our ability to value and protect the diverse actors that shape it; to see ourselves as part of a larger ecosystem, interconnected with all living beings, and emphasizes the need for caring attitude in coexistence with non-human entities.

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