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Installation, 2010

Programming by Alexey Grachev, Sergey Komarov

Voice by Ivan Govorkov, Elena Gubanova, Ludmila Belova, Svetlana Shcherbinina.

An LP with the picture of fried eggs is turning on top of the radio-recorder Latvia. The LP is constantly skipping.The viewer can turn the radio’s two knobs in different directions. On the left, a male voice is captured; on the right – a female one. The viewer can tune them at his own discretion. The voices can intersect in a dialogue,be separate or overlap. The object’s principal theme is the difficulty of mutual understanding, of a dialogue. A man and a woman only air their thoughts and feelings, but they don’t hear each other. a woman’s statements are more emotional; those of a man – more didactic. These are like different waves in a radio. Each participant transmits his/her wave on his/her own frequency. Through the participation of a third party (a viewer, a stranger, a witness), a temporary dialogue can be created.

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