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The CYLAND Video Archive is a platform for studying and presenting contemporary video art. Launched In 2008, it provides access to 600+ original video works by 100+ international artists and art groups. 

One of the tasks of the archive is to build an open and accessible platform, to protect works of art from being locked in private collections, and to prevent their technical basis from becoming outdated. The archive is structured in two parts: videos on the website with open access (artists personal pages), and the offline collection for professionals accessible at the office.


The content of the archive can be divided into 2 periods: analogue-to-digital (VHS, MiniDV, DVD) in 1986-2011 and works in HD video format from 2011. The collection includes video art, experimental films, computer graphics, 3D animation, stop-motion animation, poetic video, video documentation of art and education projects in the field of cutting-edge technologies. Exhibitions and screenings of programs from CYLAND Video Archive have been held in Great Britain, France, Brazil, Turkey, America, Germany, Italy, Sweden and Eastern Europe. Curator: Victoria Ilyushkina. Website:


Photo: Jurgen Bunimovich

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