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Painting, Panel picture (acryl, silicon transparent film), video, text, 2022

This project is made possible in collaboration with the PRO ARTE Foundation

In my project, I draw an analogy between the processes of dramatization and fermentation. If we look at fermentation in the everyday culinary sense, we may say that this is a controlled process of spoiling food in order to obtain more pronounced taste properties. I believe that drama in the everyday sensual sense carries out very similar functions, and uses approximately the same methods. I juxtapose dramatization and fermentation in four points: prerequisites, mechanism of action, necessary conditions and final results.

The project consists of 4 panels on transparent film, and a video about one of the conditions that enable fermentation – pressure. In this video, I compare the “controlled” pressure characteristic of dramatization that is connected with personal emotions, and uncontrolled external pressure that is connected with global problems.

​— Aleksandra Garkusha

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