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Installation, 2018

The high water alarm is sounding. The water level rises quickly until it inundates everything. Houses and gardens are filled up. Then, after everything dries, a sign remains, memorializing the water level reached.

FLOOD is a complex work that creates a meteorological paradox and projects Maranola into another place. It overturns the hourglass, undermines geography, and forcefully brings water back to earth. Diverse elements make up this project, which is comprised of sound, video, and evocative plaques.

Every 10 minutes the alarm goes off and video projections fill windows and walls with water, disorienting perspectives.

The memory of the flood remains on the walls, on plaques indicating dates and levels in two languages, Italian and Russian. Russian because the artists, for the second time in residency in Maranola, come from St. Petersburg, a city that over the centuries has suffered many floods that by tradition have been documented on plaques scattered throughout the city. There are now three plaques in Maranola: two recording the dates of actual floods in St. Petersburg, and a third that marks the abstract flood that took place in Maranola during Seminaria 2018. Tangible and permanent part of the project, these small plaques will forever mark, along the Moricone alleys, the deep relationship that, through art, has been established between a small village in southern Europe and the northernmost metropolis in the world, thanks to the collaboration between Seminaria and the CYLAND Media Art Lab.

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