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Site-Specific Object, 2000, 2021

In 55 BC, Roman author Lucretius, who continued ideas of the early Greek atomist philosophers, wrote in his poem “On Nature of Things” that light and warmth of the sun consist of the tiniest moving particles.

Fermentation is the transformation of one substance, image, notion, state, symbol, behaviour and such into another state, image and so forth. Our project is dedicated to the fermentation of sensations that we evoke by the transformation of an image. In this work, this is an image of “light”.

A large lampshade (much larger than an ordinary one) hangs on a tree branch in a glade. The lightbulb in the lampshade does not shine. People usually associate a lampshade as a sign of inner space, comfort and light, like a symbol of the sun in the home. We shift it into an open space and thus change the sensation of the boundaries of the space. This is the first transformation. Under the lampshade is a pyramid of fallen leaves. Here we present the metaphor of light as particles, as a fragment of substance and material. Light is materialized, and its weight, materiality and mundanity is felt. This is the second “fermentation” of sensations. Inside these leaves we install piezoelectric speakers from which the soft crackle of incandescent lamps emanates, and sound is born from decay, the “death of light”.

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