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Installation Series, 2003-2021

“Made in Ancient Greece” is one of the most striking and longstanding projects by the artist. Video stories from various eras are projected on ceramic vessels shaped like vases from Ancient Greece: running athletes, frames from a family archive, scenes from modern city life… The selection of projected videos is conditioned by the nostalgic intentions of the author, and each work is a journey through an imaginary time represented by classical forms, historical images and creative associations. Known and unknown, “before” and “after”, the juxtaposition of big and small — this is what structures the works of this series. The project is both a study and a reflection on the formal and spiritual meanings of contemporary artistic culture.


Made in Ancient Greece


Made in Ancient Greece, 1928

“Made in Greece, 1928” is a freestanding video sculpture in which footage from the 1928‐1936 travels by a young cameraman Vyacheslav Burgov (who later became a legend of Soviet sound engineering) is projected on a Greek vase.

2009, 2015

Made in Ancient Greece, Jumping Jacks

We are used to seeing the depiction of running or jumping athletes on the Greek vase. Ancient amphorae in this installation have the same subject, except that, instead of the familiar red or black figures, we see on it videos based on Muybridge’s photographs “Human Figures in Motion” taken only about a century ago. This work of the 21st century could be called “post-post-modern” in that it proves that everything old (or very-very old) is new again.


Made in Ancient Greece, Object #3

2009, 2019

Made in Ancient Greece, Object #4

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