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Media Object, 2017

It’s 1915. Modernism, which reigned in art in the late 19th and early 20th century, reaches its apogee. Pioneers of abstraction are consciously solving the problem of the crisis of artistic image. The desire to reproduce the unreproducible and to reflect a higher realit was, in fact, what brought forth images of Suprematism. Abstract art, which has been trying to cleanse itself from all visual allusions and to rid itself of any illustrativity in relation to the reality, presents to the world Malevich’s “Black Square” — “the great nothing”... 

The black monolith is externalization. It is the process by which the “internal OBJECT” is projected at a certain object in the outside world. It is a different person that becomes this object. Furthermore, upon superimposition, the projection brings forth something that is doubled by the mutual action of each protagonist. And what if this “something” is our internal monster or a new creation — a hybrid to which one needs to get accustomed and which needs to be tamed.

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