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Generative A/V Installation, 2023

Real-time generated video and sound; Max/MSP/Jitter, Mac mini, USB-MIDI, Yamaha TX7 FM synthesizer, short throw projector, speakers; chicken wire mesh (40x40x90cm), “Pale Fire” by Vladimir Nabokov (English edition)

Engineer: Sergey Komarov

One of the hypotheses of what murmuration is — the preparation of birds for migration, the training of young animals, and the debugging of interaction within the flock. Another meaning of the word "murmuration" is the noise made up of the chatter of the crowd. An interesting fact is that while murmuring, birds make humming sounds, as if they are in a trance or chatting.

In this work, the cloud of murmuring dots-birds represents the wave of migration that occurred in 2022. This is a flock of temporarily settled people who have found a place under the roof, but dreaming of returning everything as it was. They are circling, preparing either to settle down, or to move somewhere further.

Within this set, each point pulls its own connections. The process of migration involves the arrangement of relatives and friends, the new organization of work and household processes, the movement of pets and things to which there is affection.

The algorithm for simulating a flock of birds is associated with such a thing — a synthesizer taken with you on a migration. The movement of the flock creates a meditative soundtrack. At the same time, the old synthesizer periodically chocking with the data flow, leaving in indistinct noise.

The book by Vladimir Nabokov, "Pale Fire" is placed under one of the speakers. The excerpt from it was used in the movie "Blade Runner 2049" as a test on the mental stability of a replicant. It is turned out to be in tune with this artwork.

— Were you ever arrested? Cells.

— Did you spend much time in the cell? Cells.

— Have you ever been in an instituion? Cells.

— Do they keep you in a cell? Cells.

— When you're not performing your duties do they keep you in a little box? Cells. Interlinked.

— What's it like to hold the hand of someone you love? Interlinked.

— Do they teach you how to feel finger to finger? Interlinked.

— Do you long for having your heart interlinked? Interlinked.

— Do you dream about being interlinked?

— Have they left a place for you where you can dream? Interlinked.

— What's it like to hold your child in your arms? Interlinked.

— What's it like to play with your dog? Interlinked.

— Do you feel that there's a part of you that's missing? Interlinked.

— Do you like to connect to things? Interlinked.

— What happens when that linkage is broken? Interlinked.

— Have they let you feel heartbreak? Interlinked.

— Did you buy a present for the person you love? Within cells interlinked.

— Why don't you say that three times? Within cells interlinked. Within cells interlinked. Within cells interlinked.

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