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Installation, 2017

Robotics, boot, shell, PVA glue, video

The pulse of this installation steadily rotates physically and metaphorically, and builds a dynamic that pivots off the masculine and feminine; keeping the viewer naturally suspended into nuanced themes of dominance, possession, submissiveness and youth. Central to the installation is an oversized, obviously male shoe, and an overtly feminine conch shell. They sit intertwined on a structured pedestal, while gears visibly turn underneath. All of the elements combined project a familiar white noise — like the static of the ocean — upon the wall before them. When one puts their ear close to the depths of the conch shell, they can hear fragmented and faint sound bites of juvenile jealousy. Once enough time has passed, a liquid substance gradually oozes out of the cavity of the shell — the byproduct of the two — and the viewer has a new element to simultaneously conceive, and physically circumnavigate.

Text: Lydia Griaznova & Paige King

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