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8-channel Sound Installation, 2023

8 waterproof speakers, 8 synchronized players

Performers: Margherita Catricalà (Italy), Ulyana Degtyareva (Russia), Anna Kolodzei (US), Adele Kübar (Estonia), Antonia Castro Martinez (Colombia), Michelle Mkrtchyan (Armenia), Izuru Nishihara (Japan), Kai Ayaz Vedel and his parents: Yäniyä Mikhalina and Joen Vedel (the Republic of Tatarstan–Denmark)

The installation is an 8-channel sound work, where time signals are subsequently interfered with children counting out rhymes. The time signals have a strict utilitarian purpose and are used as a reference to determine the time of day. Not only humans but machines too are sensitive to it. Coordinated Universal Time — an imposed time — splitting space into time zones and days on the slots for labour and leisure. A seemingly ordered and planned timing of a day is bending the stream of life. It sets up hours by a hierarchy of choices we make throughout the day.

Various counting rhymes from different countries with subdued time signals impact their rhythms and durations. They upset the strict rhythm of time signals, making them unreliable, depriving their utilitarian purpose and stripping them of rhythmic sound. Worldwide synchronized general time dropped out from the organised and constantly maintained structure in which it resides.

Counted time is slipping into continuous time. It is displaced by a subjective one, guided by one's sense of time, where what is considered too long or too short is a question of one's perception of what and when it is happening. It is lost in a temporally staged game that exists only for play with no obvious purpose. The ending of counting rhyme defines the random-made choice — the one on whom the last word or syllable falls is eliminated until all are counted out except the one who is “It.” Whatever slice of time will be chosen, it will be neither beginning nor end. They are all part of a general continuity, where a sound from this installation is the only one of many fragments. You are it, time!

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