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Net Art, 2003

Video: Anna Frants, Anna Kolosova, Alexandra Lerman, Vladimir Bystrov, Maria Sha, Dmitri Bulnigin, Kirill Shuvalov, Dmitri Shubin, Natalia Lyakh, Alina Bliumis, Eugene Rodrigues, Daria Marchiki, Andrey Rezhet, Nadine Donath, Ira Treleu, Vladimir Lilo, Kirill Shyvalov

Sound: Cygni Vox, Beaver, Giuseppe Gavazza, Konstantin Elfimov, Gosha Solnzev (1gog)

This interactive video project is a kind of an art-game, which involves video and sound artists. It is like they are sharing information. The former submit their works without sound, the latter  offer soundtrack for them, written for another occasion. Thus, as in the genotype, parts of independent works combine, and “Touch Me” produces synthesis, which creates new work that doesn’t resemble any of the sources.

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