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Photos, slideshow on three screens, 2007–2017

The triptych form originated in the early Christian art, and was a popular format for religious paintings in the Middle Ages. The middle part contained the main subject, and the wings were a compositional complement, although they could also be viewed as a separate work. In the early 20th century, a threefold polyptych inspired Kazimir Malevich. Originally, his “Black Square” was a component of the triptych, together with the “Black Circle” and the “Black Cross”. Alexandre Benois noted: “Undoubtedly, this is the icon which the Futurists prefer to Madonnas and shameless Venuses”. A hundred years later, Alexander Terebenin has created a minimalist and abstract triptych, using the pictorial geometry of vanishing scenery. The squares, rectangles and crosses, “spied on” by a camera, are written into the three-part format. Traces of life of previous generations turn into secret signs and sacral symbols.

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