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Installation, 2023

Arduino C; Arduino controllers; stepper and servo motors, aluminum tubes, steel, PLA plastic and paper acoustic horn, phono amplifiers, vinyl records

Engineers: Philipp Avetisov, Denis Andreev, Eugene Ovsyannikov, Dmitry Shirokov

"Love is a many splendored things...", "Love, I'll be a fool, for you..." — and one could cite many other words of love. Furthermore, if we are to believe Google, quotations about love outnumber quotations on any other subject. In her installation Vagaries of Affections, Anna Frants reflects on this and shows that this feeling could be expressed not just in words, but also in numerous other sounds that are generated in various and never repeated combinations. Some people say that affection is just a chemical reaction, while others believe that we understand that we are in love when love songs finally make sense. This work of the artist demonstrates that, whatever "physicists and lyricists" claim, love is always unpredictable.

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