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Sound Installation, 2008

Photoprint, audio player, video glasses, headphones, video

In the 1960s discoveries in radio-astronomy initiated a new stage of space studies. Unique devices for picking-up radio signals from distant galaxies, stars and sun were developed.
One of these devices is The Big Pulkovo Radio Telescope that still impresses everyone with its size.
The installation is situated near the telescope antenna. There is a stool (the most common and well-known object) standing on the glade. A spectator sits down, puts on headphones that lie nearby. He hears a woman’s voice, saying over and over “Vanya, go back home”.
That is the voice of Ivan Govorkov’s mother . Her little son Ivan is playing outside and she is calling him home. Despite the specifity of the phrase addressed to Vanya, every adult can remember a similar situation from his own childhood.
With the help of transformation of space, comparison of the big antenna and the small stool the artists reveal the differing scales of the cosmic and the casual. One may consider the sound in the headphones picked up with the antenna.
However, it is not the abstract cosmic noise, but an unexpectedly real human voice. It reflects the feeling of a lonely small human being in the enormous Universe and offers to return to the individual space, the only real and always inhabited one.

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