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Installation, 2018

Wash, talk, rinse, dry, fold...

Water has the memory of the women whose faces are reflected in the small mirror of the sinks, while they're absorbed in their daily chores.

The artist recontextualized old wash-sinks found in the village, brought them together, activated them, filled them with water and lit with sound memories.

A "mise-en-scène" which focuses on the absence/ presence of a purely female social entiment, the same one that in old times was felt in wash-houses all over the world.

Voices of northern Italian women are grafted onto the Maranolese washbasins, creating a paradox that tells the universality of these gestures and place.

The memory of a time not very long ago remains alive today in the stories told by the grandparents of Maranola. Washhouses at that time were places where social life met private life, in the form of gossip and intimate confidences, advice exchanged between women, the guardians of water as a common good.

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