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November 28-30, 2023, Jerusalem, Israel

Photo: Jurgen Bunimovich

Join us on November 28 at 7-30 PM at HARMONY Cultural Center in Jerusalem for an opening of NOMADA Digital Art. Flying Over Borders, an exhibition co-curated by Jungsuk Noh, Nataliya Kamenetskaya, and Galina Bleikh.

«Nomadism is a concept that reflects the Nomad’s lifestyle. Emerging as a framework for analyzing modern society, which has achieved digitalization, it exerts a profound influence on the expression and form of contemporary art, and on artists’ activities.

Digitality is the most accessible form of artistic nomadism; it enables art to transcend most external obstacles, closed borders, and restrictions.» — Galina Bleikh

Participating artists include: Jungsuk Noh (Republic of Korea), Lee Lee Nam (Republic of Korea), S&KOMUST (Republic of Korea), Yonghyun Lim (Republic of Korea), Solongo Tseekhul (Mongolia), Alexandra Dementieva (Belgium), Anna Frants (USA), Irina Danilova (USA), Nataliya Kamenetskaya (Israel), Galina Bleikh (Israel), Lilia Chak (Israel), Nadia Adina Rose (Israel), and Maya Shalev (Israel). More information coming soon.

Nomada Digital Art

Flying Over Borders

November 28-30, 2023

Opening: November 28, 2023 at 7-30 PM


Jerusalem Cultural Center

Koresh str. 1, Jerusalem

Tel. 02-6211777

FB: culturalcenter.harmony


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