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April 5, 2024, Venice, Italy


The CYLAND Media Art Lab is pleased to announce the launch of the catalogues for the past CYFEST 15: Vulnerability in Yerevan (2023) and upcoming festival edition in Venice. 

The CYFEST 15: Vulnerability, Yerevan is a 156-page, softcover publication that reproduces in book form an exhibition with high-quality reproductions of work by more than 60 authors. Among them are the artist, one of two authors showcased in the first national pavilion of Armenia at Venice Biennale in 1995 Samvel Baghdasaryan (1956-2017); an early champion of electronic techniques, the acclaimed multidisciplinary artist who redefines the boundaries between the arts and sciences Fabrizio Plessi; artist, stage designer and participant of the 53rd Venice Biennale Irina Korina; Hungarian experimental duo that works with hyperphysical interfaces, programmable materials, and augmented textiles EJTECH; Finnish multimedia artist and researcher of visuality Tuula Närhinen; Swiss artist that creates network-oriented interactive projects Marc Lee; artist, photographer and author of the project Last Whispers that was co-presented by UNESCO and The Atlas of the World’s Languages in Danger Lena Herzog and others.


Also included are brief biographies of the artists and essays by critic, curator, founder and director of the Institute for Contemporary Art Yerevan Nazareth Karoyan and researcher, subject expert at the Department of Philosophy and Cultural Heritage — Ca’Foscari University of Venice Maria Redaelli. 

Along with extensive documentation of the works within CYFEST, the digital catalogue features a photographic walk-through of the exhibitions, video, sound and performance programs. 

The catalog prepared for the Venice edition of the festival is a short visitor's guide to the works and artists presented at the exhibition in Venice.

A special cardboard craft folder has been designed for both catalogues, allowing visitors to combine publications dedicated to different projects into one whole.


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