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April 14, 2024, Jerusalem, Israel / Online

Galina Bleikh, Perelmania. The Topology of Bagel. Copyright: Galina Bleikh

Galina Bleikh, Perelmania. The Topology of Bagel. Copyright: Galina Bleikh

As part of LASER Talks Jerusalem, LASER Talks CYLAND, and the 6th Jerusalem Spring Biennale.

April 14, 2024, 5pm IST (UTC +3) Find your timezone here.

Online + President Hotel, Ahad Ha’Am 3, Jerusalem, Israel.

Chairs: Galina Bleikh (Israel), Daria Kesler (Israel), Anna Frants (USA), Natalia Kolodzei (USA).

Panelists: Galina Bleikh (Israel), Nina Czegledy (Canada), Jaime Alonso Lobato (Mexico), Bella Harutyunyan (Armenia).

Moderator: Daria Kesler (Israel).

Organisers: INEMEA Art & Science Lab, CYLAND Media Art Lab.

A conversation on the role that contemporary art and science labs play within the society. The event will discuss international forms of exchange of experience, organization and management models, fundraising strategies and ways of community engagement and features short presentations of the 6th Jerusalem Spring Biennale and the INEMEA Art & Science Laboratory.

The INEMEA Art & Science Lab is a newly established institution dedicated to fostering collaboration among artists, scientists, and technologists. The lab invites international communities to share experiences and ideas, promoting interdisciplinary collaboration to address contemporary challenges and drive societal progress. 

The INEMEA Lab focuses on bioart, Art & AI, and humanitarian sciences, such as gender issues and border sciences, utilizing the expertise of our creative teams to develop and execute projects in these areas.

CYLAND is a nonprofit organization founded in 2007 by independent artists and curators. For over 15 years, CYLAND has been dedicated to supporting the production and exhibition of New Media Art. We promote the emergence of new forms of art and high technology interactions, develop professional connections between artists, curators, engineers and programmers around the world and expose wide audiences to works in the field of robotics, video art, sound art and net art. Emerging or established, local or international, our selected artists are provided with resources, from technicians to equipment and professional development. Over the years, CYLAND has held the annual CYFEST, organizing and participating in various exhibition projects around the world, working on sound and video art archives.


A multidisciplinary artist. Her creative expertise spans a rich spectrum of artistic domains, encompassing digital art concepts, 3D modeling, AR and VR, bio-art, video art, generative art, and more. At the heart of her artistic pursuit lies a fascination with the profound synergy between the emerging artificial reality and its transformative interaction with human experience through art.

Galina's creative endeavors extend to collaborative projects, notably in partnership with Elena Serebryakova since 2011. Together, these two artists have created the visionary concept of '“The Simulacro-Centric World,” a manifestation of their unique creative approach referred to as The Hybrid Neural Network Art (HNN Art).

Daria Kesler

Bella Harutyunyan


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