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December 12, 2020, Online

Ann Spalter, Just Passing Through, 2020, AI Video, Artificial Intelligence, Video
Ann Spalter, Just Passing Through, 2020, AI Video, Artificial Intelligence, Video

December 12, 2020, 12 pm New York | 20:00 St. Petersburg

Moderator: Natalia Kolodzei

Digital, computer, internet, software, and multimedia art forms — from CD-ROM-based multimedia projects to — have been created for many years and have entered the mainstream art world. Milestone exhibitions such as the Whitney Biennial included digital works as early as 2000 and Whitney Museum’s artport was launched in 2001. University art departments around the world are formalizing digital media programs; textbooks on digital art have been published; conferences around art and technology are thriving; and gradually museums and private collectors are beginning to accession works in digital media into their art collections.

Christiane Paul, Anna Frants, Lev Manovich and Anne Spalter will address and provide insight on the issues of archiving and conservation, collecting and curating these dynamic and ephemeral works or techniques that rely on digital technology in creative and display processes. How we may balance and set a priority between the data and the appearance, as it may cause unacceptable loss when dealing with a multimedia digital art work. How computational analysis and visualization of massive cultural visual datasets methods and software help us with media collections and digital repository management. What are general guidelines for museums registrars and installers in terms of technical documentation and display of digital art? What do museums and collectors need to be “technically” prepared to preserve and display artworks? Does the work require any special software or hardware needs? If the work is interactive, how do people interact with the work? What are new formats for exhibitions? What issues NFT (Nonfungible Tokens) and crypto art introduce to the field of art market and collecting?

There are many unanswered questions for a long-term solution for re-displaying and preserving digital art which require further efforts and research by artists, museum professionals, and information scientists.


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